New to Cultivate Chiropractic? Find out how to proceed as a patient.

Cultivate Chiropractic warmly welcomes new patients, providing a supportive environment for goal-setting and achievement while ensuring a welcoming experience and treating patients like family.

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Insurance-free approach

We don't accept insurance, offering affordable care and support to achieve your goals without insurance obstacles.

Transparent payment options

We'll share payment plans before your first adjustment, ensuring clarity on costs.

Safety comes first

No adjustments during the initial visit, allowing us time to thoroughly review all tests.

First visit fee

A reasonable $99, payable on the day of your appointment

To Ensure

You're Ready

For Your Experience With

Cultivate Chiropatic

Follow These

Essential Steps

Visit Our Pella Location here

Book an appointment and receive confirmation emails with the necessary details and paperwork.

During the first visit, discuss your health needs, wellness goals, and concerns.

Undergo a comprehensive neuro-spinal assessment using Insight technology (45 minutes)

After evaluating your history and analysis, our doctors will devise a plan for your second visit

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Address: 1014 Washington St, Pella IA 50219

Phone: 515.957.1451

Working hours:Monday: 3PM-5:30PM
Tuesday: 9AM-12PM
Wednesday: 3PM-5:30PM
Thursday: 8AM-10AM + 3PM-4:30PM


What Can you expect on your first visit ?

Pre-visit paperwork: Sent to you for our doctors to review, ensuring a unified starting point

First visit focus: Connecting with you, understanding your health needs and wellness goals

Detailed assessment: Performed using state-of-the-art Insight technology to evaluate your neuro-spinal system

Goal-setting and strategy: Discussing your health goals and devising a plan to achieve them (45-minute first visit)

No adjustments on the first visit: Time needed to review scans

Pediatric patient accommodations: Specialized sensory-based assessments for Neuro-developmental and Sensory Processing Disorders; flexible appointment options available

Complete guide to your second visit

The doctor reviews neuro-spinal analysis results and creates a personalized care plan

Discuss the care plan and additional recommendations during the second visit

Opportunity to ask questions or address concerns about the care plan and next steps

Second visit duration: approximately 30 minutes

The first adjustment takes place during this visit

Regular visits

Short and efficient visits to respect your time

Regular adjustments: approximately 5 minutes

Appointments with progress scans: around 15 minutes

The Benefits of Ongoing care

We get asked all the time that if you start going to a chiropractor, do you have to keep going?

You definitely don't have to, but most people in our office choose to, in fact, 85% of our visits are wellness appointments for people who have chosen lifestyle care

Patient Education

One of our passions is providing education to patients to help them improve their health. In the near future we will feature Lunch and Learns, Dinners with the Doc and classes on various topics. We look forward to helping you embark on your journey to the best health possible. Schedule an appointment today at our Pella practice!

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