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Altoona Chiropractor for Optimal Health

Heighten Your Well-being at Cultivate Chiropractic

At Cultivate Chiropractic, we are passionate about helping families express peak health that comes with a properly functioning nervous system. When you’re able to experience perfect health and your nervous system can perform as it needs to it makes you an overall better person — for everyone in your life. Altoona Chiropractor Dr. Miranda Overbergen finds it gratifying to help her patients be all that they can be.

Fostering a Fun and Happy Atmosphere

When you first step inside the practice, you will be made to feel at home in our fun and lively space. We feature a children’s area complete with toys to keep them occupied. Kids and parents alike love being in our office. We have a moms room, kids have a place to play, and the whole office is designed with your family in mind.