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Pregnancy Chiropractic Care in Altoona

Little girl with head on pregnancy bellyIf you’d like to experience a happier, healthier pregnancy, we encourage you to consider pregnancy chiropractic care. Chiropractic during every stage of pregnancy is extremely safe and highly beneficial. Moms-to-be who are under chiropractic care can experience a reduction in pain, decreased labor times and a faster and smoother delivery. Dr. Miranda has considerable training in pregnancy chiropractic and has adjusted pregnant women throughout her career.

Removing Interference

The uterus attaches to the tailbone and the front of the abdomen. So when there are changes in spinal alignment, it’s going to change the way the uterus is placed within the body — causing intrauterine constraint. When Mom gets adjusted, nervous system interference is removed, and her baby has room to move around and get into proper birth position on their own. Mom’s reproductive system will also be optimized so she can grow a healthy baby and have a healthy pregnancy.

Providing Comfortable, Customized Care

Dr. Miranda uses the Webster Technique and looks at a pregnant woman’s posture. She also will give them custom-tailored exercises that are beneficial to do during pregnancy to make it easier on them. Just as she would with other patients, Dr. Miranda uses the Insight Nervous System Scan to conduct testing of the nervous system. The scan results will guide her in ensuring that her adjustments benefit the mom-to-be in the best way possible.

She also uses special pregnancy pillows to make the adjustment as comfortable as possible and accommodate for changes. You deserve to experience a beautiful pregnancy!


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