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My passion of chiropractic started from my experiences, and today it grows because of yours.

My passion of chiropractic started from my own experiences, and today it grows because of yours.

On the evening of Black Friday during 7th grade my family had a small get together at our house to continue the family time that had already started for the holiday. As I sat there enjoying family, the pain in my left side that had become an annoyance began to worsen. By the next morning, I hadn’t slept due to the severe pain. I went to my mom sweaty and miserable with a temperature over 103 degrees. 

When we arrived at the hospital they gave me three shots for the pain, and after a few hours the doctor chose to admit me into the hospital for monitoring to figure out what the cause was. Three days later after considerable amounts of blood work, ultrasounds, and specialist consults I was released with pain medications and no answers. From there I went to Blank Children’s Hospital for continued testing, all while going to the emergency room almost weekly due to the severity of pain. My parents took turns staying up with me through fits of pain for months. 

In the beginning of December, before heading to Blank for more testing my pastor stopped by the house to pray with my family. We went to the John Stoddard Cancer Center for testing that morning. When I was taken back I begged my dad to come back with me, as he always did, but this time he wouldn’t. I found out years later, that morning I was being tested for bone cancer, and my parents cried the entire time I had tests done. My tests all came back negative at Blank, and I was referred on to the Mayo Clinic in mid-December. At my second appointment at Mayo the doctor told my parents, “Well we have good news and bad news. The good news is you have a perfectly healthy 12 year old daughter. The bad news is she has a lot of pain, and we don’t know why.” He told my parents that he believed that I once had pain. But the pain was gone now, and my brain was recreating it. He recommended a pain clinic to meet with a psychiatrist. The next available appointment was in late January. My mom asked if seeing our families chiropractor would be a good idea. The doctor told her that she could do whatever she wanted, but a chiropractor wouldn’t help.

My mom did decide that our chiropractor was worth a try. After my consult and exam he believed that I had shingles that had never created the hallmark rash on my skin. After one adjustment I had small blisters break out on the skin along the area where my pain was, the hallmark indicator that it was indeed shingles. After 2 weeks of adjustments three times per week I was pain free and able to return to school in the third week of January. This is where my love affair with chiropractic began, and it has grown daily from then on. I had been to a chiropractor sporadically since I was three years old, but my family hadn’t made the commitment to utilizing chiropractic for family wellness. From there forward our chiropractor was our primary care physician. If we had a problem we went to the chiropractor first, and we were all much healthier from that point forward. This affirmed my view point that a pediatric chiropractor should be the first doctor, not the last as normally happens.

We live our lives through our nervous systems. Our brain is in direct control of every single body process, the growth and the healing that occurs in the body. Those body processes, growth, and healing are reliant on the ability of our nerves that exit through our spine to carry the brains messages to where they need to go. Without those messages sickness and disease occur. Chiropractic ensures that our nerves are able to carry the brains messages to the body, and this is where growth, healing, and true optimal health occur.

We live in a stressed-out, fast-paced society where time is our most limited commodity. We are constantly doing things with our bodies that we know we shouldn’t, and eating all the stuff we know we shouldn’t have but it tastes good so we do it anyway. I’m no different. I love a well-balanced meal, but have you tasted donuts? I am human. I eat things I know aren’t good for me, I push my body further than I should, and I definitely fall victim to the many stresses of this world. But my friends, I can handle those things because I have a chiropractor on my team. I am able to live the life I deserve to have, because I undo all of that junk with taking care of my nervous system by getting adjusted regularly.

I have no greater joy in life than getting to take care of kiddos with chiropractic care. I know that because their parents are committing to growing a better life for them and taking care of their bodies that they won’t suffer like I did when I was 12. They won’t be subject to all of the common illnesses that complicate young lives. They won’t need antibiotics and interventions constantly to keep them free of symptoms. They won’t struggle with concentrating and learning in school like most kids today. Instead their bodies are given the perfect potential to heal on their own, and live the life they deserve.

I am passionate about chiropractic care, because I saw it work time and time again in my own life, as well as my families. And now I am fortunate enough to watch it work in others lives as they receive care. Chiropractic care is about so much more than pain relief, or symptoms relief although it is great at both of those things. It is about restoring God’s perfect design in our bodies so they can perform optimally, just as they were created to do so.

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  1. May D. says
    Dec 08, 2017 at 9:53 PM

    Dr. Miranda, I love your story and it shows just how much chiropractic care really does work, and all the other profession seems to take with a grain of salt. Being poked with needles and fed medications does not always help. We are so proud of you and super excited for your practice! Best of luck!

    • says
      Dec 12, 2017 at 6:55 PM

      Thank you so much! Chiropractic has been a life changer for me, and I am blessed to bring it to others. I love when people realize how capable their bodies are of healing on their own!

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