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Immune System Essentials


The leaves are changing, the temperature is dropping, and kids are back in school which means one thing. Fall is here! While the temperature change makes this fall lover elated, it also starts a focus on the upcoming cold and flu season. With a pumpkin spice latte in hand, and flannels pulled out of storage everyone’s mind is switching to the immune system.

I have already heard so many moms say “this year can’t be like last year” or  ask “why does it seem like my child catches everything?” The frequent flyer card that you could have gotten at the doctor’s office last year made for a long 7 months (lets be honest we are in the midwest so its true). The sleepless nights with a child vomiting, or hacking up a lung. The days spent trying to make your child comfortable. The missed events because your child is sick or you have a fear of being around other people. Lets be honest, if a kid sneezes across the street from yours, your child will probably end up getting sick. Then to top it all off, you normally get sick too. You are hanging out with your disgusting little germ factory and you aren’t sleeping or taking care of yourself. It’s a recipe to take the entire family down, and mom doesn’t get sick days.

Here is the deal, kids for the most part have the same immune system function potential. But why is yours struggling more than their friends? Stress. Stress on the spine, causing stress on the nervous system. Hang tight with me. Your nervous system is pretty darn important. So important that it is the only system of the body completely encased in bone. God knew what he was doing. Now we have areas of the spine that aren’t moving putting stress on the nervous system. Which ultimately causes a nervous system shift. Instead of using the brake pedal side of our nervous system that is in charge of, you guessed it, the immune system we get stuck on the gas pedal or stress. A stressed out nervous system means a depleted immune system.  This is why we see day in and day out that when kids, and parents too are adjusted on a regular basis they don’t get sick as often. A well adjusted person means a optimal functioning nervous system which in turn means a strong immune system. Several studies have shown an increase in immune system function after an adjustment.

Now that the temperatures are dropping, I begin a wellness routine supplementally that strengthens my immune system. These are things that I am doing everyday. I take vitamin D, probiotics, fish oil and elderberry syrup. A recent study has shown that vitamin D in dosages between 3,000-5,000 IUs per day protect you against the flu better than the flu vaccine. Fish oil supplements and feeds the nervous system. Probiotics are crucial as 70% of your immune system lies within your gut. A strong digestive system means a strong immune system. Elderberry is a superfood and massively supports the immune system. Proper amounts of sleep and hydration is crucial! Bump up that water intake to at least half of your body weight in ounces. 

If sickness does strike, I want to get over it as quickly as possible. Seriously, the amount of whining that I do when I’m sick is horrid. At the first sign of sickness I start a whole new regimen. Adjustments are at the top of that list. Colloidal silver is my favorite immune booster, and an absolute powerhouse. Vitamin C in large doses boosts the immune system. I prefer Rainbow Light Counter Attack for its addition of zinc and herbal immune system support blend. I take 3-4 times the recommended amount. My favorite throat lozenge is Zands for its addition of echinacea and zinc. I love Boiron Homeopathics. I take oscillococcinum for the flu and ColdCalm for a cold. I also drink bone broth to replenish my body. 

I also remove a couple things. Number one is sugar! Sugar binds to vitamin C receptors and inhibits our usage of vitamin C. Dairy is a no no especially with a cold. Dairy is going to encourage and increase mucus production.

Lastly don’t suppress the function of the immune system, which we see as symptoms. That includes fever, congestion, coughing, diarrhea, etc. A fever is there on purpose. Viruses and bacteria thrive at our body temperature, but not at higher temps. A fever is your body creating an inhospitable environment to the invaders. Congestion is there to prevent further exposure to the virus. Coughing is to keep mucus out of our lungs. Drainage is to get the virus to the digestive system to fire up the immune system. Diarrhea and vomiting is our body trying to get rid of stuff that shouldn’t be there. When we suppress these we limit the options that the immune system has to help us. With fevers in kids, watch them to make sure you aren’t seeing lethargy or blueish tints to their fingers and toes. If you see this the fever is too high and you need to seek medical attention. Trust your mama gut on this one.

Last but not least pregnant mamas should not be doing anything that I do when I am sick to boost their immune systems. No super-doses of vitamin c or colloidal silver for you. Make sure you focus on things to encourage a strong immune system to limit your chances of getting sick. Once your sick there isn’t much you can do.

Print off this graphic for a reminder of your Immune Boosting Regimen


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