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Be Your Own Advocate


Untitled design (56)I alone am the one who knows my body, my limits, my struggles, and my desire to make changes. I am my best health advocate. I am in charge of creating a team of providers around me to reach my health goals. 14 years ago I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease, an autoimmune condition that attacks the thyroid, after my mom guided testing and blood work to figure out what was causing me to STRUGGLE. My periods were out of control. I was tired all the time, and would sleep until 3 in the afternoon if I could. School was difficult. My mood was insanely erratic. In a nutshell I was miserable. It was destroying all aspects of my life. With my diagnosis I was prescribed thyroid medication, and told that I would always need medication. I accepted this limitation without question.

As my life progressed though I realized that this limit didn’t align with my beliefs. I believe to my core that God gave us a body that was designed to heal if given the opportunities to. I started to question the limits that I had accepted for so long. I began asking questions and challenging cookie cutter answers. I mean why wasn’t anyone trying to stop the autoimmune attack that was wreaking havoc on my life. Why were we just masking the attack with artificially tricking my body into believing my thyroid was fine. 

I began searching for providers that would listen to me, my beliefs, and my goals. I strategically added people to my team that would help me whether my insurance helped out or not. I found a functional medicine doctor, a chiropractor, an acupuncturist, and an herbalist. I changed my diet, used essential oils, bought crystals, added strategic supplements, meditated, prayed HARD, etc. Well everyone, it was worth it! Friday I found out that I no longer need to take thyroid medication. My thyroid is functioning optimally without it! 

Ultimately though this post is not about me and my journey. It is merely a story that shows how dang important it is to assemble the correct team behind you with any struggle, label, or diagnosis. You know you! You know your child! Do not let anyone, and I truly mean anyone put limits on you or your child. I want to empower you to ask questions, to search for answers, to fire providers that aren’t listening to you or your goals, and to hire providers that you trust. You are the only one qualified to be an advocate for you and your family. Lean in to that, and don’t back down.

This alone is the reason that I structure our office so different from other offices. I want to know your goals, your desires, your struggles, and your concerns. I want to listen more than I talk the first time I meet you. I want to to help you put pieces together in your journey that haven’t made sense in the past. Our core value is that you feel listened to, supported, and empowered after every single visit. 

Ask questions, challenge answers, educate yourself, and assemble your team. You are qualified to be your own health advocate, and you need you to be. Your family needs you to be. You deserve to live a life free of limitations. You deserve a life that is only achieved when you are empowered to take control. So do the dang thing already, step up and take control. You deserve it!



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